Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic surgery is one of the most demanding and challenging surgeries. A cardiothoracic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in surgical procedures of the chest, oesophagus,lungs and other bony structures and tissues in the chest cavity.
Cardiothoracic surgeons after graduation from medical school complete 5years more in general surgery and 2-3years in cardiothoracic surgery program.

Heart Specialist

While cardiothoracic surgeons treat mainly coronary artery disease, general thoracic surgeons primarily treat lung cancer and diseases occurring in the oesophagus and chest wall. Also, Congenital heart surgeons care for children and babies with holes in the heart which occur by birth or abnormalities of the heart.
The various types of cardiothoracic surgery are heart and lung transplant surgery, adult cardiac surgery, congenital and general thoracic surgery.

Although cardiothoracic surgeries are relatively safe, careful monitoring is required as complications infection, bleeding, stroke and heart rhythm problems, heart attacks can occur leading to death. While Cardiac surgeons perform mainly aortic surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery,heart valvesurgery, cardio Thoracic surgeons perform surgery of a wider range including pectus surgery, lung cancer or tumour and cysts removal surgery, keyhole thoracic surgery, septal defects and pulmonary valve stenosis.
General thoracic surgeons treat, swallowing disorders known as Achalasia, Oesophagealcancer, lungcancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease and severe emphysema. Congenital heart surgeons treat hypoplastic left or right heart syndrome, ventricular septal defects,artial defects,coarctation of aorta and transposition of arteries. Cardiologist primarily diagnose diseases of the heart and first treat them with medications and when medications do not work, they perform interventions on the arteries through punctures in the heart before performing open surgery. Pulmonologist diagnose disorders of the lung and both cardiologists and pomologists seek the help of cardio thoracic surgeons to perform major surgeries.
Robotic Thoracic surgeries are minimally invasive surgeries where surgeons use robotic assistance to perform complex procedures on the organs within the chest cavity, chest and the Thorax. In this type of surgery of the patients require shorter hospital stay and recover faster than standard open surgery. Thoracic endoscopy is a type of exploratory surgery to diagnose problems inside the lungs. Minimally Invasive surgeries and robotic thoracic surgeries are more prevalent and cardiothoracic surgeons are using these new treatments more in their surgeries instead of opening the chest bone and performing open heart surgeries.

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