Other procedures

Some other procedures related to Interventional Cardiology includes :

Atherectomy :

Cardiologists place a burr or rotary shaver at the tip of a catheter and guide it to the area that is affected to get rid of plaque that is built-up in the walls of your artery. A laser catheter might be used in some cases to vaporize the plaque.

Embolic Protection :

Occasionally, if the narrowing that is being treated is in your carotid arteries or in a bypass graft, the doctor will use specialized devices such as filters to prevent the plaque from breaking off and traveling in your blood causing damage.

Percutaneous Valve Repair :

You have four valves in your heart that controls how your blood flows through your heart chambers. Catheters are used to guide devices like clips to your damaged valve through your blood vessels. Doctors then repair your valve, so your blood can start flowing properly again using these devices.

Balloon Angioplasty :

A tiny balloon is inserted and inflated into your blocked artery during this procedure to create space. The plaque is compressed by the balloon against your artery wall to improve your blood flow. The doctor then takes the balloon out of your body after the procedure is completed. These are only some of many different procedures that are performed within the interventional cardiology discipline. The excellence, quality care and positive results of these procedures are respected and well-known in the medical community. Clinical trials are conducted often in order to learn about new devices and techniques in catheter-based interventions to restore good heart health.

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