Pediatric Cardiology

Paediatric cardiology is outgrowing from the shadows of adult cardiology and cardiac surgery departments in India. It promises to be an attractive and sought-after subspecialty of Paediatrics, dealing with not only congenital cardiac diseases but also metabolic, rheumatic and host of other cardiac diseases.

Heart Specialist

Paediatric Cardiology is a branch of paediatrics that deals with heart and heart related disorders of children. Heart is the first organ formed from the cells of the Inner Cell Mass (ICM) or epiblast of the blastocyst in early embryogenesis. This department includes :

  •   Medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects
  •   Coronary artery diseases
  •   Heart failures
  •   Valvular heart diseases
  •   Electrophysiology in children.

A medical practitioner who specializes in this field of paediatric cardiology is called paediatric cardiologist.
It is practised in regional centres staffed by three or more consultant paediatric cardiologists, with the supporting personnel and equipment necessary to diagnose and treat children with cardiac conditions. These centres are either part of paediatric hospitals or major cardiothoracic centres. The specialty provides a service from fetal life, through childhood, into adulthood and is concerned with diseases of the heart in the growing and developing individual. Close liaison with paediatrics, paediatric subspecialties, cardiothoracic surgery, adult cardiology, obstetrics, radiology and pathology is required.

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