Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass surgery is done to relieve people of chest pain where in a healthy blood vessel is taken from leg, chest or arms and connected to other arteries and bypass the blocked one creating a new pathway to the heart and improving blood flow to the heart muscle.
Coronary bypass surgery is done to improve shortness of breath and chest pain caused by narrowing of several arteries. Shortness of breath occurs due to shortage of blood flow leaving us incapable of even light exercise. Though in some cases stenting and angioplasty are done,for severe blockages,coronary bypass surgery is the best option and it is also performed in emergency situations like a heart attack and when not able to respond to other treatments.

Heart Specialist

Coronary bypass surgery does not cure all heart diseases and lifestyle changes are an integral part of treatment after the surgery. Medications are given after surgery to lower blood cholesterol or developing a blood clot and to help the heart function as well.
Coronary bypass surgery are open-heart surgeries, so we should take care to reduce the risk of complications after the surgery.

Coronary angiogram and electrocardiogram are tests done before bypass surgeries to visualize the arteries that take blood to the heart. Open heart surgeries, beating heart surgery which is done without the Heart-lung machine and minimal invasive surgeries and double, triple and even quadruple bypasses are done.
Coronary bypass surgery takes 3-4 hours and patients are given general anaesthesia and a breathing tube attached to a ventilator helps them to breathe.Depending on the location and severity of blockages in the heart the surgeon does the numerous bypass. Coronary bypass surgery are major operations and require spending a day or two in the intensive care unit after the surgery where the patient's breathing, heart, blood pressure, other vital signs are continuously monitored.
After the surgery the recovery time will be around 6-12 weeks and following lifestyles changes like exercising regularly,avoid smoking,maintain a healthy weight through dieting, controlling diabetes and cholesterol and managing stress will improve life expectancy and to lead a healthy life.

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