Cardio Surgical

The surgery of the heart or the great vessels which is performed by cardiac surgeons is known as cardiovascular surgery. The correction of congenital heart disease, to treat complications of ischemic heart disease, to treat valvular heart disease from different causes, including endocarditis, atherosclerosis and rheumatic heart disease is handled by the cardiac surgery department. It also includes all types of cardiac surgery including beating heart surgery, minimally invasive heart surgery, valve surgery, bypass surgery, and surgical treatment of end-stage heart disease which includes artificial heart implants and heart transplant.

Heart Specialist

Coronary artery bypass grafting is the most common type of heart surgery performed. It uses the blood vessel which has been taken from another place in the body to bypass a blocked artery so as to help prevent a heart attack. Another common procedure is heart valve replacement which is done to repair heart valves that do not open and close properly.

When a small incision is made, it is known as a minimally invasive procedure. It is made to the chest to insert a pacemaker. Another major procedure is open-heart surgery where a large incision to the chest is made for opening the rib cage and operating on the heart.

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