CrossBoss Catheter ( micro )

The CrossBoss catheter is designed in such a way so that it can safely and quickly deliver the guidewire via the subintimal pathways or true lumen. With this catheter, complete access to coronary chronic total occlusions is obtained. It is made of stainless steel braid with a rounded tip and can be rotated in any direction.

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With this, crossing of 100% blocked arteries is obtained either through the lesion or behind the block and exiting beyond the lesion. A single-lumen device which is loaded on the GW to track it to the blocked lesion is known as a microcatheter. A microcatheter is used in minimally invasive applications. It is most ideal to navigate through the network of tiny veins that are found within the body.

A curved and tortuous coronary artery which is proximal to the CTO can also be straightened using a microcatheter and it can increase the guidewire torque.

Device Description

The CrossBoss Catheter facilitates the placement and support of a guidewire into discrete regions of the coronary and peripheral vasculature through its central guidewire lumen. This device contains a rounded distal tip (1 mm diameter) mounted to a flexible and torquable proximal shaft. The CrossBoss Catheter is packaged with a dedicated torque device positioned at its proximal end. The distal end of the catheter is hydrophilic coated. It is compatible with 6F guide catheters with minimum inner diameter of 0.070 in (1.7 mm), and may be used with guidewires. All components of the CrossBoss Catheter are provided sterile and non-pyrogenic.

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