Bioresorsable Vascular Scaffold (BVS)

A non-metallic mesh tube which is used to treat coronary artery disease is known as a Bioresorsable Vascular Scaffold (BVS). The BVS is a temporary scaffold which will fully resorb with time and it improves the coronary diameter in the patients with ischemic heart disease.
The base material is either metal or polymers in the BVS or naturally-dissolving stents. An important milestone in the treatment of coronary artery disease is the drug-eluting stent (DES). It overcomes recoiling and restenosis to reduce high rate of lesion revascularization which is associated with bare metal stents and balloon angioplasty.

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Despite the benefits of the DES, it has an ongoing risk because of restriction of vascular vasomotion and permanent implantation of a foreign body which is a stent-related complication. BVS provides mechanical support and drug delivery like the DES which is followed with complete resorption over several years. Since the presence of prosthesis in the coronary artery is transient, bioresorsable vascular scaffolds (BVS) are emerging as an interesting alternative.

It enables to restore normal vasomotor tone and allows positive remodelling along with further interventions by surgical or percutaneous means and parallelly reducing the trigger for persistent inflammation.
A very new technology which is represented by bioresorsable vascular scaffolds can theoretically eliminate the late and very late stent thrombosis.

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